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My name is Gerald W. Thomas. I am the author of Torpedo Squadron Four – A Cockpit View of World War II, an account of my service in WWII as a Torpedo Bomber Pilot on the USS Ranger, the USS Bunkerhill, and the USS Essex.

I was born on a ranch on Medicine Lodge Creek, Small, Idaho on July 3, 1919.

Our home consisted of an old log house with one bedroom and closet. The small addition that had been added was inadequate so Dad bought an abandoned farm house about 10 miles east of our place. Mother’s Uncle Seymour and the neighbors helped Dad jack up the house, place logs under it and move it with two 4-horse teams and wagons to our ranch. It was exciting to watch the move which took several days. This house was then attached to the log house and became our kitchen, dining room and a bedroom for Dad and Mother.

We had no indoor plumbing. For the first few years, we obtained our water from the creek. Later we put down a house well, which provided cold, clean water. Our outhouse was fancier than many of our neighbors, as it had two holes.

Thomas Ranch Medicine Lodge Idaho

Thomas ranch on Medicine Lodge Creek, Idaho, in the winter.

Thomas Ranch Medicine Lodge Idaho

The corral was built into the creek to provide water for the livestock.

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