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Billy The Kid’s Grave – List of Images

Billy the Kid’s Grave – A History of the Wild West’s Most Famous Death Marker

1. Warren Henry Bristol
2. Pardon issued by Territorial Governor Lewis “Lew” Wallace
3. Patrick F. Garrett
4. Mesilla Courthouse, 1885
5. Mesilla Courthouse, Today
6. Lincoln County Courthouse, about 1930
7. Lincoln County Courthouse, 1952
8. Gottfried Gauss,
9. Yginio Salazar
10. Deluvina Maxwell
11. John William Poe
12. Maxwell residence at Fort Sumner
13 Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell
14. Peter “Pete” Menard Maxwell and Henry Leis
15. Paulita “Paula” Maxwell and José Francisco Jaramillo
16. Milnor Rudulph
17. Gold badge given to Garrett by Colonel Albert J. Fountain
18. Cover of Garrett’s book on Billy the Kid
19, Replica of the first marker on Billy the Kids’ grave
20. Charles W. Dudrow’s 1906 map of Fort Sumner Cemetery
21. Second marker on Billy the Kid’s grave
22. Deluvina Maxwell, 1927.
23. Unmarked Billy the Kid grave site
24. Fort Sumner Cemetery, about 1929
25. Grave of Arron Brown Harris
26. Pete Maxwell’s grave
27. Charlie Foor stands where Pete Maxwell’s room was located
28. Jesus Silva
29. Charlie Foor stands at the location of Billy’s grave
30. Charlie Foor and Captain Rey at Billy’s grave
31. Billy’s gravestone, April 1930
32. Gravestones of Billy, Bowdre, and O’Folliard, May, 1930
33. World premiere of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie BILLY THE KID
34. Still from BILLY THE KID
35. Gravestone Billy, Bowdre, and O’Folliard
36. Another photo of Billy, Bowdre, and O’Folliard gravestone
37. A. P. “Paco” Anaya
38. Side view of gravestone showing handbill
39. Fort Sumner Cemetery, August, 1938
40. Fort Sumner Museum
41. Billy the Kid Museum
42. Billy the Kid marker donated by John N. Warner
43. Billy’s gravestone, January, 1947
44. Vandalism of Billy the Kid’s grave
45. Gravestone of Marcus Cruiz, Pvt., 1st N.M. Cavalry
46. Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell’s Gravestone
47. Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell
48. María de la Luz Beaubien Maxwell
49. Paulita (Paula) Maxwell
50. Odile Bernice Maxwell
51. Gravestones of Pete and Lucien Maxwell
52. Pete Maxwell’s gravestone
53. Gravestone for Billy, O’Folliard, and Bowdre.
54. Grave of Billy, O’Folliard, and Bowdre
55. Cage protecting Billy, O’Folliard, and Bowdre graves
56. Marker at the base of Billy’s grave
57. Pablo C. Beaubien
58. Gravestone of Pablo C. Beaubien
59. Rebecca Abreu Beaubien and daughter
60. Gravestone for Rebecca Abreu Beaubien
61. Gravestones of Charles Wesley and Silberia Beaubien Foor
62. Graves of Jesus Maria Silva, Maggie S. Silva, and Luciano “Chano” Frank Silva
63. Gravestone of Luciano “Chano” Frank Silva
64. Gravestone for Billy, O’Folliard, and Bowdre
65. Billy the Kid
66. Billy the Kid, drawing by Joe Lopez

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