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“Killing Pat Garrett” Reviewed by Wild West Magazine

Wild West Magazine

Wild West Magazine – April, 2020

“Thomas… did extensive research (a dozen year’s worth) and wrote Killing Pat Garrett as part of the Mesilla Valley History series….”

“Thomas had access to more than 80 letters Garrett wrote to his wife and also ‘discovered a multitude of new documents and details concerning Garrett’s killing, the events surrounding it, and the personal life of the man who was placed on trial for killing Garrett.’ The author includes a great many quotes… and supplements the text with 102 images, including four never-before published photos of Garrett and his family.”

“Not until Chapter 12 does Thomas reveal — though he drops plenty of hints earlier — what he thinks about this often-debated (in New Mexico and beyond) case…. Thomas makes a strong argument it was truly Brazel who pulled the trigger.”Gregory Lalire, Editor, Wild West Magazine.