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Killing Pat Garrett – Table of Contents

Killing Pat Garrett, the Wild West’s Most Famous Lawman – Murder or Self-Defense?

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1. A Fresh Start
      Proffer and Acceptance
      The Fountain Murders
      The Crime Scenes
      Operative Fraser Arrives
      The Investigation
      Pinkerton Investigation Terminated
      The Struggle to Become Sheriff
      Family Leaves Uvalde, Texas
      Ida Dies
      Hanging Jesus Garcia
      Elected Sheriff
2. Hard Working Sheriff – 1897-1898
      Deputy John McLeod Killed
      Jesus Chacon Murderers Caught
      Hanging the Murderers of Francisco Chavez
      Arresting the Killer of Vicente Sanchez
      First Hint of the Coming Storm
      A Good Sheriff
      Garrett Buys a Home Ranch
      Second Year Begins Well – 1898
      Oliver Lee Marries
      Court Issues Judgment
      Garrett Arrests McNew and Carr
      McNew-Carr Preliminary Examination
      Shootout at Wildy Well
      Shootout Continues With Words
      Hunting Lee and Gililland
      Striking Bean and Suing
      Running for Re-Election
3. Second Term – 1899-1900
      Lee and Gililland Surrender
      Geronimo Parra
      Garrett Buys the Rock House Ranch
      Hillsboro, New Mexico
      Pre-Trial Celebrities
      Fountain Murder Trial – Opening
      Fountain Murder Trial – Testimony
      Fountain Murder Trial – The Verdict
      Fountain Murder Trial – Aftermath
      What Happened to the Bodies?
      Pauline Juliet Garrett Born
      Killing Norman Newman
      Robbery at Rincon
      Bowman Bank Robbery
      National Aspirations
      Garrett “Killed”
      Juan Telles Killed
4. Return to Private Life – 1901
      Financial Troubles Renewed
      Meeting President McKinley
      Mining Interests
      President McKinley Assassinated
      Unexpected Opportunity
5. Collector of Customs – 1902-1903
      Garrett Mortgages Ranches
      Mary Lohman Burns to Death
      Corralitos Calf War
      Craig Diamond Case
      Fighting Removal Efforts
      Roosevelt Visits New Mexico
      Smelter Case
      Personal Affairs – 1903
      Oscar Lohman Garrett Born
6. Collector of Customs – 1904-1905
      Sinaloa Land Deal
      Elizabeth Garrett Begins Career
      Seeking Reappointment
      Rough Riders Reunion
      Jarvis Powers Garrett Born
      Garrett Visits Billy the Kid’s Grave
      Fight for Reappointment
7. Financial Woes Deepen – 1906
      Finstad Ranch Murders
      Seizure and Replevin
      Dead Man Found
8. Hope Denied – 1907
      Appeals For Help
      Wayne Brazel Leases Rock House Ranch
      Curry Appointed Governor of New Mexico
9. Killing Garrett – 1908
      The Ranches Deal
      February 29, 1908 – The Shooting
      Coroner’s Jury
      Garrett’s Last Check
10. Aftermath
      Doubts about Adamson’s Account
      Brazel Pleads Not Guilty
      Preliminary Examination – Morning Session
      Preliminary Examination – Afternoon Session
      Visit to Death Site
      Garrett’s Funeral
      Conspiracy Allegations
11. Wayne Brazel
      Shooting Frank Terrell
      Move to Gold Camp
      Telles Beating
      Life at Gold Camp
      Olive Boyd
12. Wayne Brazel’s Trial
      Brazel Indicted
      Adamson Arrested
      Apolinaria Sells Home Ranch
      Killer of Garrett Confesses
      James Miller Lynched
      Joseph Stahl Makes Charges
      Wayne Brazel’s Trial
      Understanding the Trial Result
      Response to Joseph Stahl
      Print Rhode Jailed for Murder
      Brazel Marries Olive Boyd
      Brazel’s Last Days
13. Debunking the Conspiracy Theories
      Rickards’ Grand Conspiracy
      Miller-Done-It Theories
      Carl Adamson Done It
      Print Rhode Done It
      Did the Fornoff Report Exist
14. Death Site
Appendix A – IOOF Cemetery – Garrett Family Plot
Appendix B – The Pistol the Killed Billy the Kid
Appendix C – The Pistol the Pat Garrett
Appendix D – Timeline

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