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Lidy Hot Springs Cemetery – An Update

Cemetery Fenced

The cemetery at Lidy Hot Springs, previously unmarked, was located and fenced in 2010 as part of a community effort to mark old and abandoned cemeteries in Clark County. Grave markers were installed for the 5 known burials. No attempt was made to mark the actual location of these graves, because no cemetery records exist that would reveal them. If you can provide more information on any of these burials, please contact us.

Lidy Hot Springs Cemetery

Lidy Hot Springs Cemetery Now Fenced

Cemetery Markers

Arthur Lidy's Marker

Arthur Lidy's Marker -- The second child of Robert and Mary Lidy. The 1900 census lists him as "Baby" and gives his birth date as May 31, 1900. He died sometime in 1901.


John Moran's Marker

John Moran's Marker - Moran was born in January, 1830 in Maine and died in In the winter of 1905. He was a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. His citation is for “Gallantry in Action” at Seneca Mountain, Arizona on August 25, 1869 in a battle with Indians.


Andrew Jackson Myers' Marker

Andrew Jackson Myers' Marker. Myers was born in June, 1837 in New York and died in 1907. He had homesteaded on Myers Creek, which is named after him.


Thomas' Marker

Thomas' Marker - The child of a dry farmer who died in 1918 as an infant.


Ann Eastman's Marker

Ann Eastman's Marker - The child of a Gilmore freighter who died as an infant, date unknown.

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