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Smithsonian Magazine Quotes Author

Smithsonian Magazine

December 2019 Smithsonian Mazazine

The December 2019 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine has an excellent 10-page article on Giovanni Maria de Agostini. The article quotes extensively from author David G. Thomas’ book, “Giovanni Maria de Agostini, Wonder of the Century — The Astonishing World Traveler Who Was A Hermit.” Author Thomas was also interviewed by the editor of the magazine.

Giovanni Maria de Agostini was an Italian born in 1801 who traveled extensively in Europe, South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. He was murdered in 1869 in the Organ Mountains located east of Mesilla, New Mexico. Agostini was the subject of the 2019 documentary film “The Wonder of the Century,” based on Thomas’ book.