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Videos Posted – Fountain Murder Trial

The abduction and apparent murder of Colonel Albert J. and Henry Fountain on February 1, 1896, shocked and outraged the citizens of New Mexico. It was not the killing of Colonel Fountain, a Union Civil War veteran and a prominent New Mexico attorney, which roused the physical disgust of the citizenry – after all, it was not unknown for distinguished men to be killed. It was the cold-blooded murder of his eight-year-old son which provoked the public outcry and revulsion.

The evidence indicated that although Colonel Fountain was killed during the ambush, his son was taken alive, and only killed the next day.

The trial of the men indicted for the killings was held May 25, 1899, in Hillsboro, New Mexico.

On February 29, 2020, this trial was re-enacted at the Rio Grande Theatre during the Pat Garrett Western Heritage Festival.

Videos from the trial are posted here on youtube.

Judge Frank Wilson Parker, Presiding Judge for Sierra County – Jim Eckles
Thomas B. Catron, Prosecuting Attorney for the Territory of New Mexico – John R. Wood
Albert B. Fall, Counsel for the Defense – Teddy Aspen-Sanchez
Oliver Milton Lee, Defendant – Bill Cavaliere
Santurino Barela, Witness for the Prosecution – Karl Laumbach
Antonio Garcia, Witness for the Prosecution – Bob Gamboa
Albert Fountain, Son of Colonel Fountain, Witness for the Prosecution – Art Fountain
Major Eugene Van Patten, Witness for the Prosecution – Jason Wyatt
Mrs. Eva Taylor, Witness for the Prosecution – Karla Steen
Dr. Francis Crosson, Witness for the Prosecution – Bernie Sargent
Jack Maxwell, Witness for the Prosecution – Gerry Veara
Pat F. Garrett, Witness for the Prosecution – Mark Moore
Thomas Branigan, Witness for the Prosecution – Dennis Fuller
Albert Blevin, Witness for the Defense – Steve Miner
Mrs. Mary Lee, Mother of Oliver Lee, Witness for the Defense – Coral Thomas Lockwood
Bailiff – Rick Eldridge

Screenplay: David G. Thomas
Executive Producers: David G. Thomas and Dan Crow