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WARNING – Massive Book Fraud on AbeBooks

A company calling itself ROYAL COLLECTION (Fremount, CA, U.S.A.) is selling on Abebooks.com “premium leather-bound” copies of books that it has stolen. It is illegal to print and sell without permission copyrighted works no matter what binding is offered.

Here is the link to a book I wrote and copyrighted that ROYAL COLLECTION is offering for sale:


Here is what the page looks like:

ROYAL COLLECTION book stealing fraud

My book is one of thousands of stolen, copyrighted books that ROYAL COLLECTION is selling. They have obviously massively scrapped Amazon for their data. For example, here is a “premium leather-bound” copy of a Laminated City Center Street Map. Obviously one cannot leather-bind a laminated map.

Link: Streetwise Washington DC Map – Laminated City Center Street Map of Washington, DC [Premium Leather Bound]

Laminated City Center Street Map – Book Fraud by ROYAL COLLECTION

Here is a “premium leather-bound” copy of a deck of cards:

Link: Inventors Card Game [Premium Leather Bound]

Inventors Card Game – Book Fraud by ROYAL COLLECTION

ROYAL COLLECTION has thousands and thousands of these fake, stolen listings on Abebooks.com. ROYAL COLLECTION has no address other than Fremount, CA, U.S.A., and no contact information. How is it that Abebooks.com is permitting this????

Here is what ROYAL COLLECTION puts at the bottom of the page that is selling my copyrighted book:

About this Item

This extraordinary book, revered as a Bestselling Title and cherished by readers worldwide, is now being presented in a Unique Premium Leather-Bound edition exclusively crafted for our Elite readers and collectors of rare books. To ensure authenticity and quality, we procure the book directly from the original Publisher/Distributor and then meticulously rebind it using an Original Leather, employing time-honored bookbinding techniques. Our exquisite leather binding features Golden Leaf Printing and intricate designs on the spine, front, and back of the book, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the edges of the pages are gilded, adding a touch of opulence to this masterpiece. As connoisseurs of fine literature, we understand the importance of personal taste. Hence, we offer a wide array of leather colors for you to choose from, including Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Tan, Deep Brown, and Black, each adorned with elegant black labels. We take immense pride in presenting this Unique Premium Leather-Bound edition, tailored for those who appreciate the beauty of carefully crafted books. It is the perfect addition to any distinguished collection or a thoughtful gift for discerning individuals. To secure your copy or to inquire further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your preferred color of leather. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service and delivering a product that surpasses all expectations. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to own a true masterpiece that combines literary excellence with elegance and exclusivity. This book is about Billy the Kid’s trial for murder, and the events leading to that trial. The result of Billy’s trial sealed his fate. And yet Billy’s trial is the least written about, and until this book, the least known event of Billy’s adult life.Prior biographies have provided extensive – and fascinating – details on Billy’s life, but they supply only a few paragraphs on Billy’s trial. Just the bare facts: time, place, names, result.Billy’s trial the most important event in Billy’s life. You may respond that his death is more important – it is in anyone’s life! That is true, in an existential sense, but the events that lead to one’s death at a particular place and time, the cause of one’s death, override the importance of one’s actual death. Those events are determinative. Without those events, one does not die then and there. If Billy had escaped death on July 14, 1881, and went on to live out more of his life, that escape and not his trial would probably be the most important event of Billy’s life.The information presented here has been unknown until now. This book makes it possible to answer these previously unanswerable questions: Where was Billy captured?Where was Billy tried?What were the governing Territorial laws?What were the charges against Billy?Was there a trial transcript and what happened to it?What kind of defense did Billy present?Did Billy testify in his own defense?Did Billy have witnesses standing for him?Who testified against him for the prosecution?What was the jury like?What action by the trial judge virtually guaranteed his conviction?What legal grounds did he have to appeal his verdict?Was the trial fair?Supplementing the text are 132 photos, including many photos never published before. Pages: 296. Seller Inventory # SD9781952580024
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Bibliographic Details
Title: The Trial of Billy the Kid [Premium Leather …

Publication Date: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New

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A New bookseller having good knowledge of rare books which are still in demand. Promoting old books among new new generation.
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